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Academic Plus
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Academics Plus Program at Sierra View
Instead of having two programs (Academics Plus and the Neighborhood Program) on the Sierra View campus, the School Board approved that all of Sierra View would become a one program school. Sierra View is starting its first year as an all Academics Plus Program School.  The State of California has granted Sierra View 'Alternative School of Choice' status.  This gives us leway in the selection of our curriculum.

Students residing in the Sierra View attendance area have first priority into the Academics Plus Program at Sierra View, depending on grade level availablity.  If parents do not wish to have their student attend the Academics Plus Program, they can fill out a Form 10 to request to attend another school in Chico (dependent on district availability ).

Any student outside the Sierra View attendance area can apply for Academics Plus at any time and will be selected off the waiting list as spots become available. Once a student has been accepted at Sierra View in the Academics Plus Program, Sierra View becomes their "home" school for the remainder of their elementary years.

The Academics Plus Program focuses on basic academics, including the "three R's" and a solid curriculum in composition, science, and social studies.  Enrichment subjects, such as art and music are taught, but the basics receive priority.  The classroom setting utilizes whole group interactions in an orderly fashion in addition to small group activities, centers which are carefully planned by the teachers and individual seat work.  This program is designed to instill within each child confidence, a sense of responsibility, pride in accomplishment, and a positive self-image through academic achievement.  It is also expected that parents have the opportunity to actively participate in their children's education.

Teachers will help to insure a successful Academics Plus program by providing a weekly progress report on student's academics and behavior. Grades 1-3 should have 10 to 30 minutes of homework and grades 4-6 should have 30 to 60 minutes of homework.

Materials and teaching methods should be consistent with Academics Plus philosophy where the primary emphasis is on the basic academic skills in a more structured environment.   Materials would offer sequential and complete instructional units.   The classroom teacher will monitor the general progress of students in all academic subject areas.

The program as a whole has the options to use materials listed on the State Framework that meet the goals and philosophy of the Academics Plus program as well as meet district goals and objectives.   Adopted curriculum will follow a definite progression building on skills acquired at each grade level.

Academics Plus Brochure: Link to brochure

Some Basic Facts
The Chico Unified School District Academics Plus program began in September, 1976 at Sierra View Elementary School with only 4 classrooms.  As of Fall 2009 the program serves close to 600 students Kindergarten through 6th Grade.

Parent Involvement
Parent involvement and educational expectations are the foundation of the Academics Plus Program.  Parent involvement is crucial for the success of our students, and parents are expected to maintain extensive involvement both at school and at home.  Assisting with homework, reviewing and returning weekly progress reports, assisting in the classroom, supporting staff recommendations, maintaining open communications with teachers and principal at all times, supporting Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and following program "Guidelines for Success", are just a few of the ways parents will be involved in the program.  Numerous studies have shown that parent participation in education is the highest single indicator of a child's academic success!

Parent Advisory Committee
The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a 6 member committee whose members are elected by all Academics Plus Program parents to serve a two year term.  The PAC meets on the second Monday of the month.  Its work is based on a set of guidelines which are reviewed/revised annually.  The Committee, as its name implies, assists the school district in dissemination of information, planning, development, implementation and evaluation of the objectives of the Academic Plus Program.  In addition, the committee offers its suggestions to Academic Plus teachers in selection of academic materials used in the program.
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  • Parents are expected to sign a commitment letter which requires parental involvement.
  • Weekly reports are an expectation and one of the means of communication with the home.
  • Parents are involved in curriculum decisions through the PAC.
  • Daily homework is an expectation.
  • The Academic Plus Guidelines and Parent Commitment Letter give clear expectation of students, parents, and teacher.

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