School Site Council

The Sierra View Site Council is responsible for establishing school goals and monitoring progress related to Title II and Safe Schools funding. The Site Council is composed of an equal number of parents and staff members serving two-year terms. Parent representatives are elected for a two-year term in the fall, and staff representatives are selected by the Sierra View staff. The Site Council meets once a month on the second or third Monday in Room 13 at 3:00 p.m. Meetings are open to all parents and staff members. Our Site Council Bylaws were voted in on October 19, 2015.

Site Council Members 2016-17

Parent Representatives
Staff Representatives
 Christi Bangsund
 Mele Benz, Principal
 LaRain Maderos, Chair
 Mili Consoli, Teacher
 Leanna Glander, Secretary
 Debi Herrick, Classified
 Katie Daniels
 Erica Borello, Teacher
 Joe Flagg
 Kristen Thomas, Classified

Meeting Dates & Agendas 2016-17

 September 12, 2016
 October 17, 2016
 November 14, 2016
 December 19, 2016
 January 23, 2017
 February 13, 2017
 March 20, 2017
 April 10, 2017
 May 15, 2017

Minutes 2016-17