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The Sierra View Site Council is responsible for establishing school goals and monitoring progress related to Title II and Safe Schools funding. The Site Council is composed of an equal number of parents and staff members serving two-year terms. Parent representatives are elected for a two-year term in the fall, and staff representatives are selected by the Sierra View staff. Meetings are open to all parents and staff members. See our Site Council Bylaws

Site Council Members 2021-2022

Bylaws were voted in on September 23, 2020
Parent Representatives                                    Staff Representatives
Nicole Hanson                                                     Kimberly Rodgers, Principal
Chelsea Marshall                                                 Nikki Smith  
Ashley Szeczepanski                                          Tennille Bales
Emily Mullins                                                       Emily Kraemer
Ryan Patten                                                        Renee Dooly

Meeting Dates 2020-2021

The Site Council meets tri-anually. Currently, due to COVID, meetings will take place via Zoom.
September 23 2021

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