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The Healthy Play (HP) curriculum is a character education, classroom management, violence prevention, and conflict resolution program that has impacted over 250,000 children, teachers, parents, and youth service professionals since 1992. HP has been primarily developed for use in the kindergarten through sixth grade classroom environment. Application of the curriculum is intended for both regular classes and for numerous special education class settings, including mainstreaming special needs students.

HP is an educational curriculum, which promotes students’ abilities to gain empathy and compassion for others, practice nurturance, achieve feelings of success and well being, and to manage or prevent intimidating, aggressive, or violent behaviors. The curriculum is intended to be used by students, teachers, school counselors, principals, teaching assistants, and playground monitoring staff.

At Sierra View, we believe play is an important vehicle for learning. Students develop empathy, responsibility, cooperation, and other important life skills through their unstructured play with one another. We teach students some basic rules and premises from the HP program that make play time fun for all.

We play for FUN. PEOPLE are the most important part of every game.

Rule #1: If anyone gets injured (and this will occasionally happen) the person closest to the injured person or the one who accidentally or deliberately caused the injury, must stay with that person until he/she feels ready and able to play again.  This is the essential rule for teaching empathy and compassion.

Rule #2: Players wanting to argue can do so verbally for as long as they like, but must do so outside the boundaries of the game. Of course, proper language, no threatening or hitting are guidelines that they must follow. When both people agree to stop arguing they may return to the game.
With both rules, we use good judgment to determine whether adult presence is needed for specific interventions.

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